Chasing Sylvia Beach with Cynthia Morris – A Big Life Interview

This week Cynthia Morris joins us to talk about her new novel Chasing Sylvia Beach, which just came out. Congrats, Cynthia! Cynthia is a writer, creativity coach and mentor, traveler and entrepreneur. When I interviewed Cynthia last fall, she was in Paris planning the publication of Chasing Sylvia Beach. Today we’re talking about how the long process of writing and publishing the book made her life Bigger, including: Why Chasing Sylvia Beach was the story Cynthia had to write How the writer’s passion shines through to readers How she sustained her creative drive through 17+ drafts – and the payoff at the end How Cynthia reframed the infamously stressful book launch process to create delight for herself and for her readers Cynthia’s definition of a Big Life, and how this book helped her grow

Play Your Way Through Life – Tina Sabuco Big Life interview, Part 2

Play is one of the simplest, most natural ways to stay in the moment, to connect with people of any age and ability, and to find joy even in difficult situations. We could all use more of that! This week Queen of Play Tina Sabuco gets into the nuts and bolts of developing playfulness, including playing in difficult times like her mother’s last years with Alzheimer’s. In Part 2 of our interview, Tina talks about: Play vs. Perfectionism. Getting creative vs. getting it “right.” How to help kids and adults play more. (It’s all about the sunglasses!) Making your own chores more fun Going where they are – engaging and playing with someone with Alzheimer’s Play as a way to celebrate a loved one after they’re gone 4 Ways to Play More – baby steps to develop your own playful spirit Here’s Part 2 of the interview (24 minutes): Of … Continue reading

Play Your Way Through Life – Tina Sabuco Big Life interview, Part 1

I’ve known for years that I want to play more. You, too? At first, I’d worked myself so far into a hole with work that I was burned out. In my mind, Play was the opposite of Work, so I wanted to run away and play. But I get a lot of satisfaction from work. When I have to choose between play and work for long periods, I get restless. I started looking beyond play activities (which I do still want more of) to playfulness, and how to incorporate a playful spirit into different activities. When we’re playful, work is more fun, relationships have less friction, and our spirits and bodies are lighter. Playfulness is a habit as well as an attitude. I know I’m not the only one who wants that. So I chose PLAY as the next Big Life Project theme (yippee!), and I set up an interview with … Continue reading

Soulful Work – Part 2 of Gideon Rosenblatt’s Big Life Interview

More Big Life goodness this week in part 2 of my interview with Gideon Rosenblatt, humanity-centered technologist and social change agent. Sure, he can toss around business terms with the best of ‘em, but he also uses words like “soul” and “community” and “humanity.” Which makes Gideon my kind of systems thinker. I resonate with Gideon’s focus on building businesses that make room for employees to bring their whole soul to work instead of checking it at the door. When we are fully engaged, we feel fully alive. When we’re engaged in a community we relate to doing work we find meaningful, our potential goes off the charts. That’s just what I was trying to create 14 years ago when I founded what I hoped would become The Place I Want to Work. I emphatically could not do it alone – community doesn’t work on a solo basis! I am … Continue reading

Soulful Work – Gideon Rosenblatt Big Life Interview

We’ve been talking about how we as individuals can make our work more juicy and meaningful. But most work doesn’t happen alone. Where we work, who we work with, and what we are trying to accomplish together makes a big difference in how excited we are to get out of bed each morning, and whether our days feel well spent. Which is why I was eager to talk with Gideon Rosenblatt. Gideon is a technologist with for-profit and non-profit background. In diagrams on his blog, alongside standard business terms like “technology” and “organization,” he puts “soul.” In the center, he puts “humanity.” It says a lot about a person, when humanity is the center of his thinking. In part 1 of this interview on “Soulful Work,” Gideon talks about: Key elements of Soulful Work: Human Connection & Meaning “Big meaning” and “little meaning” Why is business often on the wrong side of … Continue reading